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The astounding autobiography of the man who transformed Rumi from a learned religious teacher into the world's greatest poet of mystical love. ...

Title : Me and Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi
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ISBN : 9781887752527
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 530 Pages
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Me and Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi Reviews

  • Wit UnWit
    2019-04-30 00:28

    I don't know how people read booksthis one is to be savoredto be tasted little by littlelest you burn your selfthis one sinks inor is to sunk inswim, and wade throughthe endless channelsof lifeand its manymanifestationsregurgitations

  • Ruhat alp
    2019-04-20 17:26

    after the dısappearance shams;someone told Rumi that he saw Shams.Rumi gave him the garment he was wearing. they said to Rumi: 'this man is lying. the news he gave has no truth. Why did you give your garment to him? Rum said: 'Whatever I gave him was indeed only for this lie. ıf what he had told had been the truth, I would have given my life.

  • NORA
    2019-05-04 01:50

    "There may be one fault in a man that conceals a thousand qualities, or one excellence that conceals a thousand faults. The little indicates much."

  • Todd Mertz
    2019-05-07 20:47

    Ha, ha, ha! I love Shams!

  • Ollie Ollie
    2019-05-14 23:41

    I love this book, especially because I consider Shams Tabrizi as my guru. It's amazing to learn from him. Even after hundreds of years, his words still reached me perfectly.

  • Najlla Habibyar
    2019-04-26 01:31

    It took me awhile to read this perhaps I never wanted this to end so I was drowning into it once a while. A beautiful read & Shams...

  • مهند الطائي
    2019-04-21 01:49

    i wish ican read it

  • رهف قصاص
    2019-05-16 18:33

    Misleading book, this kind of books is what I hate most.1. Wrong iterpretation of Quran verses.2. Alot of the sayings of prophet Mohammad in this books are lies. He never said that.3. Some very important conceptions of islam like knowledge, fate, living in this world are explained wrongfully.

  • Saleem Safdar
    2019-04-26 19:49

    This autobiography is one of the world's great cultural and spiritual treasures. It provides insight into the spiritual path of a sufi master about whom very little is known, Shams-i Tabrizi. In the framework of an autobiography, Mawlana Shams-i Tabrizi addresses the reader as a student and confidant, discussing his spiritual journey, his interactions with contemporary intellectuals, and his spiritual bond with Mawlana Rumi.

  • Suhayb
    2019-04-27 17:41

    Found it hard going but most likely due to my own weakness. Must read it again sometime.